Greenhouse Effect and Climate Changes in Ukraine: assessments and consequences / Editor-in-Chief Academician of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine V.I. LYALKO. – Kyiv, Naukova Dumka, 2015. – 283 p. ISBN 978-966-00-1526-5

At present the large-scale spatial and temporal climate changes of the Earth are occurring at the global and regional levels known as greenhouse effect. This requires the different studies to reveal their character, causes of occurrence and predict their progressing in the future.
The current state of researches on the problem of estimating the greenhouse effect in the world and Ukraine is highlighted. The results of experimental determination of carbon dioxide balance and assessments of the discrepancies for this indicator determined by the method of the National Cadastre and satellite measurements are produced. The long-term air temperature data provided by in situ observations and satellite monitoring are analyzed to explain the climate changes in Ukraine. The risk assessment of climatic change impact is obtained. The measures for the mitigation of negative consequences of this impact are proposed.
The prediction versions for the climatic changes in the short – term perspectives are discussed. The possible ecological and economical influences of these processes on environment and society are evaluated. The lines of the further investigations and practical implementation of their results aiming to the environment management and socio-economic development in Ukraine are defined.
This book is addressed to a wide range of readers, who have an interes in the climatic changes in environment, as well as ecological and economic development of society.

greenhouse effect and climate changes in ukraine assessments and consequences