Earth Systems Change over Eastern Europe / Coeditors P. Grois man, V. Lyalko. — K. : Akadem periodyka, 2012. — 488 p., 17 p. il. — ISBN 978-966-360-195-3.

The monograph describes present condition and perspectives of investigations of current and forecasting climatic changes, changes of ecosystems and connected with them threats to sustainable development of society. In contrast to most publications in this sphere, the offered monograph is focused on models’ analysis and interpretation of observations results on regional, not on global level, that allows using available data as scientific base for making decisions in the sphere of planning of agricultural politics, risks management, and implementation of adaptation strategy to the global changes and so on.

The monograph will be useful for geologists, geographers, ecologists and other specialists, postgraduates and students, who interested in questions of global and regional changes of natural conditions on the Earth.