Head of the Department is Professor Lyalko Vadym Ivanovych , Corresponding Member of NASU, Dr.Sc. in geology and mineralogy.

The Department staff is totaled to 27 employees, including 1 Doctors of Sciences and 9 Candidates of Sciences.

Main trends of studies:

    • Theory and practice of surface geothermal and geochemical anomalies interpretation using signal processing in radio- and optical ranges and modeling of exchange processes in geosystems on the base of energy mass transfer theory application;
    • Theoretical and methodical substantiation of new methods and technologies in remote sensing applications to land use and management (radar interferometry, hyperspectrometry, etc.) to solve resource and environmental tasks (oil and gas exploration, crops yield control and forecast, forest fires risk estimation, monitoring of floods, land subsidence, and water table rising, as well as evaluation of ecological state of territories and water areas, etc.);
    • Techniques of an integrated processing of aerospace images and interpretation-related decision making.