Fedorovskyi Oleksandr Dmytrovych

Corresponding Member of NAS of Ukraine, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, Honoured Scientist of Ukraine, Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology.

Born on January 10, 1931.

1956 - graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics, engineer-physical faculty with optical-physical equipment specialty.

1956 - “Arsenal” factory (from engineer to the chief of special design bureau (SKB-2) and design manager).

1969 - defended tesis “Aircraft Infrared Imager for the sea surface study”.

1978 - doctor’s degree thesis “Research of temperature fields at the sea surface” defended.

1980 - Institute of Hydromechanics at the National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine (director).

1987 - Marine Hydrophysical Institute at the National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine at Sevastopol (director of Special Design Technical Bureau, deputy of director on scientific activities).

1993 – CASRE (Head of Department).

Membership in Bureau of Oceanology Department (1981 – 1983), Bureau of Mechanics Department (1984 – 1987) at the National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine.

Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences, UkrSSR since 1982.

Author of 195 works among those 5 monographies, a handbook, 130 papers and 60 patents and author’s certificates.

Scientific interests are the development of satellite image decoding methodology on a basis of system approach, structure-texture feature analysis, than the design of imitating ecology-economic models for the complex water consumption.